Tommy Holt Jr. started his real estate career in 2008 when he became a real estate agent while still working a full-time job as a SWAT officer in Miami. He quickly recognized during the start of the 2008 recession that only the strong and resourceful investors would still be in the game after all the dust had settled. During this time is where his love for real estate INVESTING (not just real estate) started to take shape. 
 Fast forward to 2016 when he started to get into his first flip. That didn’t go too well because he had no clue what he was doing and ultimately lost over $10,000. Nevertheless, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After the loss he consulted with a mentor and during his next attempt at a flip he accidentally found out about wholesaling. From that moment he has been fascinated with wholesaling. He went to YouTube University to try to consume as much free content as possible but could never get to the closing table with a check. He finally enlisted the help of another mentor and instantly saw the results. He closed on his first property in Macon, GA and collected a $6000 check from a property that he spent 0 dollars on. He was hooked and repeated that process 20 + times before branching out into different markets. Since then he’s done over 100 + wholesale deals and has 7 AirBnB properties in 2 different countries. He has developed a system that allows him the freedom to do real estate from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. He also coaches other students to do the same and has over 700 students that have come through his program. Tommy shows his students various ways of making money from properties without owning the home which removes the barrier of entry for a lot of people wanting to become real estate investors. His knowledge and experience in wholesaling, fix & flip, subject to deals, as well as AirBnB has helped hundreds of people begin their real estate careers. 
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